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NYS Diagnostics & Supply - Lab Testing in Rockville, MD

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At NYSDX, we’ve established our reputation through expert blood draws, blood sampling, and a comprehensive array of medical tests such as STI screening, gestational diabetes testing, allergy testing, and beyond.
Whether in Rockville or at your doorstep, schedule your blood draw appointment hassle-free.
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At NYS Diagnostics, we value your time. Our appointments are efficient, lasting just 15 minutes, whether at our clinic or through our convenient home service. We take pride in our punctuality, arriving on time or even early.
Enjoy quick, reliable, and hassle-free care with NYS Diagnostics.
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And Reimbursable Fees by Insurance

We collaborate with esteemed laboratories like LabCorp and Quest, ensuring your doctor receives your results within 24 to 48 hours after your appointment.

Services Offered

Stat Draw $100

What is a Stat Draw ?

Stat draws are typically performed when a doctor needs a patient's blood sample in an emergency to make a clinical diagnosis. This can be from nursing homes, group homes, private doctor offices, etc. They're required for immediate patient care.

Routine Draw $65

What is a Routine Draw ?

Routine draws are blood tests ordered by a medical professional, usually including, but not limited to, CBC, BMP, Thyroid Panel, and Vitamins and Iron, just to name a few.

Specimen Pickup / Drop Off $45

Specimen Drop Off Form (specimen is being dropped off by someone other than person who produced the specimen). Specimen Drop Off Form (specimen is being dropped off by someone other than person who produced the specimen).

When Collecting a Specimen:
  • Verify the patient's identity. Some examples of acceptable identifiers include the patient's name, date of birth, and hospital number
  • Acquire a sample from the patient
  • Process the specimen as required by your facility or employer.
  • Store the specimen.

Specialty Draws ( Patient Provides Kit)

Patient is mailed a blood draw kit, I will collect blood sample and deliver sample to appropriate mailing service


The mobile phlebotomy service was a game-changer for my elderly mother. The technician was kind, professional, and made the process so easy.

Mary L.

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